Submissions from 2000

Palestinian Refugee Rights: Parts 1, 2 and 3, Susan Akram

Reinterpreting Palestinian Refugee Rights Under International Law, and a Framework for Durable Solutions, Susan Akram

Temporary Protection and its Applicability to the Palestinian Refugee Case, Susan Akram

The Right of Return: Palestinian Refugees and Prospects for a Durable Peace, Susan Akram

Recommendations for Durable Solutions for Palestinian Refugees: A Challenge to the Oslo Framework, Susan Akram and Terry Rempel


Rules for Research on Human Genetic Variation: Lessons from Iceland, George J. Annas


The Man on the Moon, Immortality, and Other Millennial Myths: The Prospects and Perils of Human Genetic Engineering, George J. Annas


Tobacco, the Food and Drug Administration, and Congress, George J. Annas


Ulysses and the Fate of Frozen Embryos - Reproduction, Research, or Destruction?, George J. Annas

An Alewife Primer: Can This Urban Wilderness Be Saved?, Michael Baram

Symposium: Advances in Biomaterials and Devices, and Their Financing, Michael Baram, Ronald A. Cass, Steven Bauer, Joyce Wong, Martin Yarmush, Joshua Tolkoff, and Rufus King

Symposium: Regulatory and Liability Considerations, Michael Baram, Ellen Flannery, Patricia Davis, and Gary Marchant

Symposium: Patent Rights and Licensing, Michael Baram, Ashley Stevens, Thomas Meyers, and Michael Meurer


The Canon and the Constitution Outside the Courts, Sotirios Barber and James Fleming

Adjudication, Jack Beermann and Gary Edles


When Fathers' Rights are Mothers' Duties: The Failure of Equal Protection in Miller v. Albright, Kristin Collins


The Constitution Outside the Courts, James Fleming


The Parsimony of Libertarianism, James Fleming

Copyright and Parody: Touring the Certainties of Property and Restitution, Wendy J. Gordon

Fine-Tuning Tasini: Privileges of Electronic Distribution and Reproduction, Wendy J. Gordon

Copyright, Wendy J. Gordon and Robert G. Bone

The Constitutionality of Copyright Term Extension: How Long is Too Long?, Wendy J. Gordon, Jane C. Ginsburg, Arthur R. Miller, and William F. Patry

Answering the Title VII Agency Question: A Policy Basis for Faragher and Ellerth, Michael Harper

Agreements to Waive or to Arbitrate Legal Claims: An Economic Analysis, Keith Hylton


An Asymmetric Information Model of Litigation, Keith Hylton