Submissions from 1989

The Antitrust Perspective on Health Industry Competition, Frances H. Miller

The Biological Father's Rights in the Adoption Context: Before and Beyond "Baby M", Frances H. Miller

Author's Response, Nancy Moore

The Usefulness of Ethical Codes, Nancy Moore

Judicial Controls in the Arbitral Process, William Park


Legal Policy Conflicts in International Banking, William Park


National Law and Commercial Justice: Safeguarding Procedural Integrity in International Arbitration, William Park


Dispute Over the United States’ Denial of a Visa to Yasir Arafat, Sadiq Reza


Bracton, the Year Books, and the 'Transformation of Elementary Legal Ideas' in the Early Common Law, David J. Seipp

Review of An Introduction to European Legal History by Olivia F. Robinson, T. David Fergus & William Morrison Gordon, David J. Seipp

Roman Legal Categories in the Early Common Law, David J. Seipp


Choosing Judges the Democratic Way, Larry Yackle

Submissions from 1988


Fairy Tales Surrogate Mothers Tell, George J. Annas

Insurability of Hazardous Materials Activities, Michael Baram

Responsible Use of Expert Systems in Medicine: What Can We Learn From the Pharmaceutical Experience?, Michael Baram


Risk Communication Law and Implementation Issues in the United States and European Community, Michael Baram


Government Official Torts and the Takings Clause: Federalism and State Sovereign Immunity, Jack Beermann

Comment to Art. 7 DPR 224/1988, La Responsibilità da Prodotti Difettosi, Daniela Caruso

Comment to Art. 9, Nuova Disciplina dei Casi di Scioglimento del Matrimonio, Daniela Caruso

Danno da Rapina (al Dipendente) e Responsibilità della Banca, Daniela Caruso

Illecita Percezione di Interessi e Tutela Aquiliana del Credito, Daniela Caruso

Il "Nom d'Usage": Una Riforma a Metà?, Daniela Caruso

Leasing e Clausola Penale, Daniela Caruso

Quando il Remedio é Peggiore del Male: Emoderivati Infetti e Responsabilità civile, Daniela Caruso


In Search of the Virtuous Prosecutor: A Conceptual Framework, Stanley Fisher