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Fall 1983




Hofstra University School of Law




This article examines the demand shareholders must make on a corporation's board of directors prior to bringing a derivative suit. ... Presented with the question of whether the court would give effect to a decision of a committee of disinterested directors to terminate a shareholder derivative suit alleging directors' breach of fiduciary duties, the court ruled that even if the special committee was truly disinterested and independent, "[t]he Court should determine, applying its own independent business judgment, whether the [corporation's] motion [to dismiss the derivative action] should be granted." ... A derivative suit is one of the means for conducting a thorough investigation of corporate management. ... THE DEMAND REQUIREMENT AND SECTION 36 OF THE INVESTMENT COMPANY ACT ... The majority's statement implies that, consistent with federal policies, a court may terminate a derivative suit based on the ICA if this standard is not met



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