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N. Elkin-Koren & N. W. Netanel




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Over twenty years ago, the Journal of the Copyright Society of the U.S.A. reprinted my article, "Fair Use as Market Failure" (82 Columbia Law Review 1600 (1982), available at: That 1982 piece suggested that an underlying pattern governs the protean forms of "fair use", and I employed the notion of market failure to reveal and explain how the pattern functioned. Since then, some misunderstandings of my argument have arisen.

I am pleased to publish in this, the Fiftieth Anniversary issue of the Journal of the Copyright Society, a clarification – and partial amendment – of my position. As for clarification, I want to emphasize that markets do not "fail" solely when transaction costs are so high that a potential seller and buyer fail to meet. As for amendment, I want to amend my treatment of how substantial injury affects fair use.


Reprinted and updated in ICFAI Intellectual Property Rights Journal.

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