Professors Hartzog and Richards Advocate for Data Loyalty in Privacy Legislation

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Privacy law scholars Woodrow Hartzog, Boston University, and Neil Richards, Washington University in St. Louis, have been exploring the concept of data loyalty for a number of years. In their article, “Legislating Data Loyalty,” (Notre Dame Law Review, 2022) Professors Hartzog and Richards explain that “Data loyalty is the simple idea that the organizations we trust should not process our data or design their tools in ways that conflict with our best interests.”

In a recent article written for IAPP Perspectives, Professors Hartzog and Richards examine several recently proposed bills to update privacy law in the United States. They write that the American Data Privacy and Protection Act, H.R.8152 (ADPPA) is “the most significant bipartisan privacy legislation introduced in more than a decade, and it represents a sincere attempt to move beyond the ineffective ‘notice and choice’ approach to privacy that has been the hallmark of U.S. legislators since the days of dial-up modems.”

Below are excerpts from “We’re So Close to Getting Data Loyalty Right,” written by Professors Woodrow Hartzog and Neil Richards (IAPP Perspectives, June 14, 2022)

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