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In 1997, the American Bar Association ("ABA") created the Commission on the Evaluation of the Rules of Professional Conduct otherwise known as the Ethics 2000 Commission ("Commission"). The Commission was charged with conducting a comprehensive review of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct ("Model Rules") to determine what changes were necessary to update the Model Rules and make them relevant to the practice of law in the twenty-first century? In August 2001, the Commission issued a 300-page report recommending numerous changes to the Rules. These recommendations have been considered by the ABA House of Delegates and were largely approved. As Chief Reporter to the Commission, I have had the privilege of participating in this recent effort to enact comprehensive revisions to the ABA's model ethics code. It has been a fascinating and educational experience for me, and I welcome the opportunity to reflect on what I have learned about ethics code drafting for lawyers in the twenty-first century.

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