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Boston University Cooperative Agreement for Technical Assistance in Russian Health Legislation and Regulation




The Russia Federation faces an urgent need to control the spread of HIV. Although infection has been concentrated primarily among high risk groups so far, the risk that it will spread rapidly throughout the general population is growing daily. Controlling the HIV epidemic requires leadership and strategies that are somewhat different from traditional infectious disease control models because there is no vaccine yet available to prevent disease and people spread infection by engaging in activities that are hidden from public view and not susceptible to simple prohibitions.

Boston University conducted several studies as part of USAID’s HIV/AIDS Strategy to assist the Russian Federation in developing effective responses to the epidemic. The Boston University HIV/AIDS Project investigated Russian Federation law governing HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment programs, identified and analyzed criminal laws that may impede prevention and treatment efforts, and solicited ideas from physicians as to problems and opportunities for investigation and change.

Conclusions drawn from the Boston University HIV/AIDS Project’s activities are summarized below in two categories. The first category includes findings and suggestions for improving civil law programs, while the second focuses on criminal and administrative law. More detailed information on each subject can be found in the subject-specific reports submitted earlier by Boston University.



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