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Winter 1-16-2016






Securing access to effective antimicrobials is one of the greatest challenges today. Until now, eff orts to address this issue have been isolated and uncoordinated, with little focus on sustainable and international solutions. Global collective action is necessary to improve access to life-saving antimicrobials, conserving them, and ensuring continued innovation. Access, conservation, and innovation are benefi cial when achieved independently, but much more effective and sustainable if implemented in concert within and across countries. WHO alone will not be able to drive these actions. It will require a multisector response (including the health, agriculture, and veterinary sectors), global coordination, and financing mechanisms with sufficient mandates, authority, resources, and power. Fortunately, securing access to eff ective antimicrobials has fi nally gained a place on the global political agenda, and we call on policy makers to develop, endorse, and fi nance new global institutional arrangements that can ensure robust implementation and bold collective action.

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