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One of the joys of writing a book is the chance to have its arguments and observations evaluated by creative and engaged readers. I am very grateful that the scholars included in this book symposium provided such constructive commentary on the manuscript of my book, Who’s the Bigot? Learning from Conflicts over Marriage and Civil Rights Law. One of those commentators, Professor Imer Flores, also generously hosted a wonderful live conference at which I had the chance to hear and engage with early versions of several of these commentaries. The final book, I hope, reflects improvements that grew out of those exchanges. For that reason, one simple format for this response would be a series of statements saying “I agree!” or, to paraphrase the old Prego spaghetti sauce advertisement, “It’s in there!” The commentaries, however, also offer some valuable normative prescriptions and spark useful questions about important future investigations, such as the contested boundaries of public and private space (and morality) in controversies over civil rights laws and religious liberty, the application of the rhetoric of bigotry to past and present gender discrimination, and the ways a law-and-literature lens might inform and complement my study of bigotry. This response acknowledges (briefly) my basic agreement with these commentaries and then offers preliminary thoughts about some areas of future investigation.


Symposium on Linda C. McClain’s Who’s the Bigot? Learning from Conflicts over Marriage and Civil Rights Law

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