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Andrew Gavil and Harry First’s book on the Department of Justice’s litigation against Microsoft will undoubtedly become one of the standard references for anyone who studies these cases in the future. This litigation has been a big enterprise in the courts, especially the landmark D.C. Circuit opinion in 2001. 1 Repercussions continue today, with new raids on Microsoft’s operations in China to investigate vaguely described concerns of the Chinese government over product bundling and interoperability, issues at the core of the Microsoft litigation from the start.

Gavil and First have two goals: to provide a road map and history of the Microsoft litigation, and, more ambitiously, to determine whether the litigation achieved its aim of constraining Microsoft and whether antitrust law is up to the task of constraining similarly dominant firms in the technology industry.


Review of The Microsoft Antitrust Cases: Competition Policy for the Twenty-First Century (MIT Press 2014) Andrew I. Gavil and Harry First

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