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Five years ago, Professor David H. Webber was invited to deliver an address both to our Delaware Law School community and to the Delaware Bench and Bar as Visiting Scholar in Residence of Corporate and Business Law. Webber's Speech, "Rethinking 'Political' Considerations in Investment," made several predictions about the rise of politicized investment which were quite prescient. As relevant today as when it was delivered, this piece explores the consideration of investment factors outside the traditional realm of shareholder profit maximization, both in its current state and in the future. Webber's analysis of how investors balance the role of capital accumulation with the special concerns of their members is addressed with objectivity and attentiveness. As "political" factors are on the rise in what seems every facet of our national landscape, it is increasingly important to address how such forces can impact markets and economies. On the occasion of its fifth anniversary, the Delaware Journal of Corporate Law has decided to publish the speech so it can be read by a broader segment of the corporate law community.

- Dante S. Pavan, Editor-in-Chief


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