Fall of the Barriers Preventing Abuse of Trust and Deception: The Hidden Changes in Legal Doctrine and Legal Interpretation

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Harry Radziner School of Law, Reichman University




This article is a translation of excerpts from the book titled “Trust and Honesty: America's Business Culture at a Crossroad”. According to Prof. Frankel, business relations cannot thrive without peace and cooperation. Furthermore, business relations are intended to lead to tolerance and understanding of the other's interests and culture. However, she contends, a culture that is willing to accept abuse of trust and injustice undermines its business relations. This is the first book by Prof. Frankel written not only for jurists but for the general public. The impetus for its writing arose from the cultural changes that took place in the United States, nonetheless the themes that appear in it are relevant to the entire world.

Prof. Frankel's article is complemented by a short comment by Dr. Amir Licht titled “Trust, Honesty and Business Culture: the Destructive Contribution of Economics to the Blurring of Basic Legal Terms”.

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