A Bill of Rights for Israel: A Step Forward?

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The Declaration of Human and Civil Rights is the pinnacle of any constitution in a democratic regime. More than any other constitutional provision, the Declaration of Human and Civil Rights symbolizes the administration's adherence to the principle of the rule of law and the mutual respect that characterizes the covenant made between the people and the government in a democratic regime. The architects of the Constitution of the State of Israel also share the view that the Declaration of Human and Civil Rights deserves a place of honor in our constitution. There is a broad social consensus on the need to enshrine human and civil rights in a constitutional document. The fruits of this agreement were reflected in the Basic Law: Human and Civil Rights Bill, which was presented to the Knesset in August 1973 and is now being reviewed by the Constitution, Law and Justice Committee.The purpose of this article is to examine carefully the model of the Bill of Rights for Human and Civil Rights adopted by the drafters of the bill and the legal concepts that led to its adoption.

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