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They say that first impressions are important, and Ron Cass was an important element of my first impression of Boston University School of Law. In December, 1983, fresh out of University of Chicago Law School and clerking for a federal judge, I attended the annual law school job fair, held at a hotel near O'Hare airport in Chicago. My appointment with Boston University was early on the first day, and the B.U. delegation consisted of Professors Ira (Chip) Lupu and Ron Cass, who was a relatively new member of the B.U. faculty. I was impressed immediately by the enthusiasm they exuded for the scholarly and teaching missions of the law school, and by the vision they charted for its future. I thought that even in that short half hour meeting I had established the basis for a long relationship with B.U., and that impression was confirmed when Ron chased me down at the elevator and invited me to lunch with Chip and him later that day. In my naive confidence, I immediately began canceling interviews with schools I considered less desirable than B.U. Little did I know that for more than twenty years, I would observe and even participate in Ron Cass's efforts to realize the agenda he charted ever so briefly on that cold December morning in Chicago.

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