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Section of International Law, American Bar Association




Growth in transnational commerce and travel has substantially increased the cases in which injury-causing products have significant contacts with more than one state. A defective automobile is manufactured in Italy, by an Italian company, and exported to France; it is purchased by a French student who drives it to Oxford, where a defect in the steering causes an accident and injury. Or, an Englishman on a business trip to Italy buys a box of Swiss chocolate, eats the candy during a stopover in Paris, and falls ill on arrival back in London; as a result of the illness, he is unable to go to New York to conclude a profitable business deal. The special problems of multivictim accidents have also assumed larger importance. Airplane accidents, such as the 1974 crash in Paris of the Douglas DC-10 owned by the Turkish Air Line, have been a particularly prolific source of product liability litigation.



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