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Spring 1989




Harvard Law School




The responsibility of private firms to communicate hazard and risk information to government officials and persons at risk has emerged as one of the central features of corporate risk management in the European Community ("E.C.") and the United States ("U.S."). This function is commonly described as "risk communication."' In both the E.C. and the U.S., new legal requirements and public attitudes now promote corporate disclosure of hazard and risk information on an unprecedented scale.

Corporate risk management is a vast, complex field of activity that is largely unaddressed by commentators and unknown to the general public in both industrial societies. Further, corporate conduct of risk communication, whether legally mandated or voluntary, is a relatively new undertaking for most private firms. This Article addresses corporate risk management and communication functions and their societal implications by surveying the development of corporate risk communication to workers and the general public in the E.C. and the U.S.

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