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President Biden has continued the controversial immigration policy of the Trump era known as Title 42, which has caused harm and suffering to scores of asylum seekers under the guise of public health.1 The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) ordered the policy in March 2020 with the stated purpose of limiting the spread of the coronavirus into the U.S.; though, CDC and public health officials have admitted this policy has no scientific basis and there is no evidence it has protected the public.2,3 Instead, the impetus behind the policy appears to be a desire to keep out or expel certain immigrants seeking protection as ports of entry remain open to other travelers.1 Over 1.2 million expulsions have occurred since the beginning of the pandemic, and those expelled are not given the opportunity to have their asylum claims heard.4 As of September 2021, only 272 were permitted to seek asylum under an extraordinarily limited exception.4

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