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One of the most rewarding parts of writing a book is that it opens the door for constructive conversation with thoughtful and perceptive readers like the scholars who generously contributed to this book symposium. Their various essays touch on and offer powerful insights about the core concerns that I had when I wrote Who’s the Bigot? Learning from Conicts over Marriage and Civil Rights Law. They offer thoughtful empirical and normative observations and surface useful questions about important future investigations. Were I able to write a next chapter—or a sequel—all these commentaries would shape its content. As it is, I have beneted from engaging with these commentaries and will wrestle with some of the challenges they pose in my future work. In response, I briey addresses some of the cross-cutting themes in the commentaries by putting some of the commentaries in conversation with each other, and I attempt to answer some of the constructive criticism that they offer.

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