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Many words can be used to describe Bob Burdick, my supervisor, colleague, and friend at the Boston University Civil Litigation Program since the fall of 1993. BU has recognized him as a “Quiet Legal Giant”; as his colleagues, we have commented on his compassion, low-key humility, creativity and innovation, strength as a mentor, and expertise in negotiation. We share common images and experiences as well: the open door to his office and the light already burning at 6:30 on dark mornings as we arrived early to go to court. His insight and understanding after a disturbing experience with an opposing attorney. His visits to clients in apartments that fell well below the State Sanitary Code. We share memories of regular comments: “It’s a negotiation,” when negotiation might be the last thing we could see in a situation. Or we hear from the student who pondered a point Bob made about the lawyer’s role—for example, a recent student described learning that part of a lawyer’s duty is to respect clients’ rights to decide, even when the student disagrees with the client’s choices



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