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In this essay, we shall interpret Dworkin's constitutional theory in light of three varieties of perfectionism: (1) the idea that government should undertake a formative project of inculcating civic virtues and encouraging responsibility in the exercise of rights; (2) the idea that we should interpret the American Constitution so as to make it the best it can be; and (3) the idea that we should defend a Constitution-perfecting theory that would secure not only procedural liberties essential for democratic self-government but also substantive liberties essential for personal self-government. We shall identify three gaps left by Dworkin's work and sketch how we have sought to fill those gaps in the spirit of his work through developing a mild form of constitutional perfectionism


Published as: "Dworkin’s Perfectionism," in Dignity in the Legal and Political Philosophy of Ronald Dworkin , Lokendra Malik, Salman Khurshid & Veronica Rodriguez-Blanco, eds., Oxford University Press (2018).

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