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Spring 2016




On January 8, 2016, the Section held a program entitled “Regulation of the Sharing Economy: Uber and Beyond.” I served as moderator of the program, which included four excellent speakers, Nicole Benincasa, Attorney for Uber Technologies, Inc., Bernard N. Block, Managing Principal, Alvin W. Block & Associates, Chicago, Illinois, Randy May, Founder and President, Free State Foundation (and long-time active member of the Section) and Peter Mazer, General Counsel to the Metropolitan Taxicab Board of Trade and former General Counsel to the New York City Taxicab Licensing Commission.

The program began by asking general questions about regulatory issues concerning the new “sharing economy” including vacation rental operations like Airbnb and ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft. It then focused on the regulatory environment surrounding ride-sharing and the economic and social effects that the development of ride-sharing companies like Uber have had. The panel and the audience engaged in a wide-ranging discussion of the regulatory challenges facing industry and government in the face of evolving technology and consumer behavior.