Battle of the Sexist: The Implicit, Explicit, and Unrelenting Bias of Trump’s Presidential Campaign

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Remember the good old days when women might have opposed a Republican presidential candidate because they did not agree with his positions on women’s issues? What are we to do with one who won’t take women seriously at all? There’s no time to talk about real issues when we have to fight through the sexism that pervades every speech, debate, and hot mic accident. (Mitt Romney, with his “binders full of women,” seems sort of sweetly naïve by comparison to Trump, as does Arnold Schwarzenegger, with his misplaced Hollywood bravado that led him to call his opponents “girlie men.”) The bias against women is implicit, explicit, and altogether startling. Although Donald Trump has insisted that “no one respects women more” than he does, his statements, actions, and record speak volumes to the contrary.