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One of the things that unifies many of the scholars in IP generally, and in this room in particular, is an interest in what you might call noncommercial models cooperative sharing, peer-to-peer creativity-a yearning for a different kind of life, perhaps, one that's less commercial, more focused on dialogues, both democratic and personal, and a mode of life that emphasizes the process and product of work rather than its monetary payoff. We all know from the work of Teresa Amabile and Alfie Cohen and our own experience that if you are keeping your eye on a monetary goal or getting an A or getting ahead, you very often do not do as good work as those occasions when the work itself is the focus of your attention. To what extent can we make the work the focus of people's attention without them starving to death because we are denying them some sort of recompense? It's that dilemma, I think, that many of us are trying to reconcile a sort of noncommercial life that still provides the benefits the commercial life gives.



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