VAT FRAUD MUTATION, Part 1: “Push” Missing Trade Fraud and Dosanjh

Richard Thompson Ainsworth, Boston University School of Law

Revised and redacted version of article published at 81 TAX NOTES INTERNATIONAL 535 (February 8, 2016).


On August 13, 2015 the Public Prosecutor at Frankfurt/Main handed down a very significant indictment in the European effort to bring to an end missing trader intracommunity (MTIC) VAT fraud in carbon emissions permits (CO2 permits). One former and seven current Deutsche Bank employees are accused of orchestrating a massive CO2 MTIC fraud carousel from within the bank. The names are not public in the Press Release, only a short description of their formal employment positions, their alleged roles in the fraud, and their current ages. The Press Release is based on the 865 page indictment.