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Professor Lynn Baker's contribution to this symposium' extends her longterm project both to defend and to critique the Supreme Court's decisions on the scope of congressional power.2 I find this work valuable and not a little provocative. If Baker's account of the decisions thus far is even partly right, the Court is poised to assume decision-making responsibility that has long been ceded to Congress. If her proposals for the future are adopted, we are in for a cataclysmic constitutional event that rivals the convulsive period when the nation confronted the judicial arrogation of authority associated (rightly or wrongly) with the decision we're here to remember: Lochner v. New York.3 Concomitantly, we are faced with the same methodological masks the Lochner Court wore to conceal what it was actually about. With a few notable exceptions, the modem Court has revealed no inclination routinely to superintend state regulatory policy.



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