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In the world of Judaism, the “end of men” is not in sight. Surely, tectonic plates are sliding and shifting, and a great deal of change is unfolding, but men are fighting hard to keep patriarchy alive. Deep inside, the Orthodox patriarchal man may be motivated by the sheer impulse to maintain his power, but outwardly he projects a profound commitment to his religious law, the law of God. He believes that his fight is a noble one ordained by divine will and that God is on his side. The problem is global; it appears in every Jewish community around the world.1 By way of background, this Essay will briefly explain the problem in the Jewish world before delving into the particular case of Israel. The global reflects the local. Recent developments in Israel not only inform a comparative perspective, but they also point to an interesting phenomenon: the interaction between developments in Jewish law in the United States and developments in Israel. On the level of secular law, this Essay will highlight influences flowing from the United States that affect secular Israeli law.



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