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Q&A with Robert Rhee, Carol Morgan, Tamar Frankel, and Mark Fagan regarding courses focused on business ethics.

Good afternoon everyone. I am Carol Morgan. I am with the University of Georgia School of Law's Business Law and Ethics program. I'm joined today by very distinguished panelists, Tamar Frankel from Boston University and Robert Rhee from the University of Maryland. You will hear a lot more about them during our program today. I am glad to see this interest in the topic of business ethics. Law schools have not traditionally put a lot of attention or focus on the subject of business ethics. We have done a pretty good job of talking about the law and professional ethics, but there are not a lot of courses that I can find, in my unofficial survey of law schools on the internet, that focus on business ethics. So our goal today is to brainstorm ways to better incorporate the topic of business ethics into our law school curriculum

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