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Spring 1999




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Robin West is one of the most prolific1 and creative members of the legal academy. Her distinctive voice, as expressed in several books and numerous scholarly articles, informs and shapes debates within such diverse areas as constitutional theory (West 1990b; West 1994), feminist jurisprudence (West 1987; West 1988), and law and literature (West 1993). Indeed, some of her early articles concerning feminist jurisprudence (West 1987, West 1988) are now "classics" in a relatively new field of inquiry and appear in virtually every anthology or textbook in the field (Bartlett and Kennedy 1991, 201; Becker, Bowman, and Torrey 1994, 90; Fineman and Thomadsen 1991, 115; Frug 1992, 807; Smith 1993, 493; Weisberg 1993, 75; Weisberg 1996, 162). Such articles continue to inspire a rich body of both sympathetic and critical work by feminists and other scholars.


This article is a literary review/analysis regarding:

Robin West. Caring for Justice. New York: New York University Press, 1997. Pp. 356.



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