Equality, Oppression, and Abortion: Women Who Oppose Abortion Rights in the Name of Feminism

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U.S. academics and third-world women : is ethical research possible? / Daphne Patai -- Scolding Lady Mary Wortley Montagu? The problematics of sisterhood in feminist criticism / Devoney Looser -- Louisa Susanna McCord : spokeswoman of the master class in antebellum South Carolina / Manisha Sinha -- Womanism revisited : women and the (ab)use of power in 'the color purple' / Tuzyline Jinta Allan -- Mixed blood women : the dynamic of women's relations in the novels of Louise Erdrich and Leslie Silko / Jennifer Shaddock -- Mothers and sisters : the family romance of antislavery women writers / Jennifer Fleischner -- True crimes of motherhood : mother-daughter incest, multiple personality disorder, and the true crime novel / Rosaria Champagne -- Equality, oppression, and abortion : women who oppose abortion rights in the name of feminism / Linda C McClain -- Politics of surrogacy narratives : notes toward a research project / E. Ann Kaplan -- Women at odds : biblical paradigms / Judith R. Baskin -- Post-feminist and anti-woman : the revolutionary republican women in France, 1793-1794 / William Thompson -- Burden of mythic identity : Russian women at odds with themselves / Nancy Ries -- Wonderful-terrible bitch figure in Harlequin novels / Susan Ostrov Weisser -- Problem of speaking for others / Linda Alcoff -- Feminism meets post-communism : case of the united Germany / Nanette Funk -- Rehabilitating Mary Crawford : 'Mansfield Park' and the relief of 'throwing ridicule' / Eileen Gillooly -- Lost in space between center and margin : some thoughts on lesbian-feminist discourse, bisexual women, and speculative fiction / Robin Anne Reid -- In the zone of ambivalence : a journal of competition / Muriel Dimen.

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