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You know you’ve made it, scholarly-wise speaking, when a major publishing house and a preeminent university approach you to ask whether they could publish a four-volume set of your collected works. Such is the situation of Douglas Laycock (DL), long-time Professor at the University of Texas School of Law, now moving from the University of Michigan to the University of Virginia and most certainly on just about everyone’s short list of greatest church–state scholars of the past quarter-century. Volume One of the collection was published in 2010; it is subtitled “Overviews & History” and contains roughly forty pieces written by DL between 1985 and 2009. Many of the pieces are academic works; some are newspaper articles or letters or various other types of nonscholarly writing. The volume, as observed by the subtitle, includes pieces that communicate DL’s general views on the Religion Clauses and analyze the historical context of those crucial provisions. There is also a short section on DL’s views about the Senate’s role in confirming judicial nominees. Forthcoming volumes will focus on free exercise rights, statutory protection for religion, and religious speech/disestablishment, in that order.

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