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Winter 2-6-2015






Barely three years after passing the America Invents Act, Congress is again considering patent reform legislation. At least fourteen patent reform bills were introduced in the recently concluded 113th Congress. Several of those bills focused specifically on patent litigation, proposing, among other things, to impose heightened pleading requirements on plaintiffs, to limit discovery, and to create a presumption that the losing party should pay the winner’s attorneys’ fees. None of the proposals became law, but one of the bills (the Innovation Act) passed the House of Representatives. In addition, scholars continue to call for reform, and Republican members of Congress have said that, with their party now holding a majority in both houses, patent reform will be on the agenda in 2015. As was the case in the six-year process that led to the America Invents Act, the early proposals that failed in Congress will undoubtedly inform future bills.

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