Professional Responsibility for Business Lawyers


Professional Responsibility for Business Lawyers



Professional Responsibility casebook with a focus on business and transactional lawyers.

Authored by Nancy Moore, a highly visible and respected scholar and teacher in Professional Responsibility, this new casebook covers the fundamental components of a traditional Professional Responsibility course with a focus on how these issues arise in a transactional business law practice. It is designed for use in either a two- or three-credit basic course in Professional Responsibility course or an advanced course or seminar specifically on PR in business and transactional law. The traditional pedagogical approach uses a mixture of narrative and descriptive content, edited cases and ethics opinions, discussion questions, and problems.

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • A basic introduction to professional responsibility, with a focus on business and transactional lawyers
  • Thorough explanations of rules and concepts
  • Cases carefully edited to clarify the court’s discussion of ethical issues relevant to the chapter topics
  • Textual material provides a foundational understanding of the fundamental topics, allowing the instructor to focus on more difficult material during class time
  • Notes and questions highlight important aspects of each case and prepare students for class discussion
  • Review problems at the end of each chapter – provide a brief overview of material already covered and help students prepare for the exam
  • Appropriate not only for future transactional lawyers, but also for future litigators
  • The instructor can choose to place or more or less emphasis on the transactional components of the casebook

Teaching materials include:

  • Teacher’s Manual
  • PowerPoint slides (available from the author upon request)



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Professional Responsibility for Business Lawyers