Federal Civil Practice, 2016 Edition

Federal Civil Practice, 2016 Edition


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Knowledge of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure is essential for any federal litigator. Federal Civil Practice takes a step-by-step approach to federal practice, discussing the intricacies of federal civil procedure and providing key insights on applicable rules. Understanding the timeline of a case in this manner is vital for all litigators. Indeed, the only way to be proactive, rather than simply reactive, in litigating a case is to know what is going to happen in the next stage, and in the next stage after that, and so on. When you know what's going to happen next, you can plan your strategy and tactics more effectively. Planning how to litigate a case is just as important as actually litigating it. Federal Civil Practice goes beyond simple explanations of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and helps you plan your litigation strategy and tactics.

Even before a complaint is filed, the Federal Rules play a significant role in litigation. Federal Civil Practice helps you understand the "Preliminary Considerations' you should think about prior to filing, such as conducting an investigation pursuant to Rule 11, choosing a forum, and conducting legal research. Federal Civil Practice also discusses "Key Details" which are seemingly small, but nevertheless important, as well as pre-trial conferences, discovery practice, and summary judgment. Federal Civil Practice will benefit new and seasoned attorneys alike.



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Federal Civil Practice, 2016 Edition