Public Health Law

Public Health Law



This new book includes a set of introductory readings, first on the history and scope of public health, then on the basic constitutional principles that define the scope and limits of government power, followed by a series of case studies of specific public health problems. Each case study chapter focuses on one particular set of public health problems and analyzes the legal and political parameters within which these problems can and should be addresses. The chapters are organized in a way that develops themes and highlights recurring issues and paradigms, with the final chapter bringing many of these together in an integrated way. Each chapter includes references to additional and supplemental materials, and provides citations to websites and other sources for updating these materials. The authors also highlight the international dimensions of each of the problem areas covered in the materials.

Coverage of Public Health Law includes:
• Chapter 1: An Introduction to Public Health in the United States
• Chapter 2: Basic Constitutional Principles Applicable to the Exercise of State Authority Relating to Public Health
• Chapter 3: Contagious Diseases: Quarantine and Other Liberty-Restricting Responses
• Chapter 4: Public Health Surveillance and Medical Information Privacy
• Chapter 5: Tobacco, Smoking, and the Public's Health
• Chapter 6: Health Promotion and Education: Encouraging Healthy Personal Behavior
• Chapter 7: Firearms and Gun Control
• Chapter 8: (Bio)Terrorism



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Public Health Law