Labor Law: Cases and Materials, 9th ed.

Labor Law: Cases and Materials, 9th ed.


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The Ninth Edition of this widely used casebook maintains the problem-based emphasis of prior editions. Text is taken seriously but always in the full context of the attendant policy issues. The Trump Board’s decisions are addressed, alongside treatment of difficulties that will motivate change in the Biden years.

The coverage of current issues complements the casebook’s comprehensive and nuanced treatment of all the important law on a topic that has become central to contemporary debates about income and wealth divisions in the society. This treatment spans from the protection of concerted employee activity to the organizing process to the bargaining and implementation of collective agreements. It covers other important topics including the preemption of state law and interaction with antitrust and immigration law.

New to the Ninth Edition:

  • Coverage of the most salient and controversial issues posed by developments at the National Labor Relations Board over the past six years, including:
    • The independent contractor distinction, including the emerging “ABC” test
    • The joint employer debate
    • Defining appropriate bargaining units
    • The effects on protected concerted activity of neutral employer personnel rules and the Supreme Court’s endorsement of class action waivers in arbitration
    • The regulation of bargaining during the term of collective agreements
    • Board deferral to arbitration
  • As part of its contemporary focus, the Ninth Edition highlights past and current proposals to amend the National Labor Relations Act (NRLA), including those in the pending Protecting the Right to Organize Act (PRO Act)
  • The new edition’s Statutory Supplement aids discussion by including the PRO Act as passed by the House of Representatives this year and again presents the NLRA with easy to view indications of its evolution, as well as the other major statutes and examples of innovative collective bargaining agreements.

Professors and students will benefit from:

  • A book that consistently poses problems for students and gets deeply into factual issues and important points of law.
  • Careful editing of cases that preserves the decisional antecedents for the court’s action is a hallmark of the book.

Teaching materials Include:

  • Statutory Supplement, with edited versions of innovative collective bargaining agreements.



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Labor Law: Cases and Materials, 9th ed.