Living in Different Cultures


Living in Different Cultures


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Why do we need to focus on cultures today? Not many years ago we lived within our communities and rarely traveled, even within our country. We knew our neighbors and their children. Most of us ate similar foods, spoke the same language, laughed at the same jokes, and found some behaviors offensive. Even though the immigrants to this country acted differently, they did not travel much, just as the American born did not travel much abroad. Today’s world is different. We travel more frequently, both within our country and abroad. We watch and read about different other nations. In school, and at work, we meet people who come from different countries, who have different manners, different sense of humor, and different sensitivities. In sum, we are exposed to different cultures. How do we bridge the cultural gaps? Argue and explain to convince? Make fun of the others’ position? Threaten? Or identify with the other party: Would I like to be treated in this or that way? Or find a compromise when the issue is not worth it and fight when it is? Is my purpose to win or to find a solution with which all parties can live? Living in Different Cultures is a memoir-like collection of keen observations of global culture. Vignettes by the Israeli-born distinguished legal scholar, now 93, guide those from different cultures on how to respect each other and live in harmony.



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multiculturalism, intercultural communication, ethnic relations, biography, Israel, emigration, Palestine, memoir



Living in Different Cultures