State Documents Bibliography: Georgia


State Documents Bibliography: Georgia


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This second edition (2012) of the Georgia State Documents Bibliography updates the 1991 edition by Rebecca Simmons Stillwagon. The strength of this bibliography is the extensive coverage of the historical documents. The documents included in this bibliography begin in the 1730s, with the charter from the English Crown. There is extensive coverage of the constitutions and codes throughout the years. The current edition emphasizes new publications, along with free and subscription based electronic resources.

For more in-depth and comprehensive coverage of current Georgia legal materials, please see the book, Georgia Legal Research by Nancy P. Johnson, Elizabeth G. Adelman, and Nancy J. Adams (Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press, 2007). For a bibliography of Georgia practice materials, see Nancy P. Johnson and Ronald E. Wheeler, "Georgia Practice Materials: A Selective Annotated Bibliography," a chapter in State Practice Materials: Annotated Bibliographies (Frank G. Houdek, ed., Buffalo, N.Y.: William S. Hein, 2010). This 2012 edition includes all sources in the 1991 edition, therefore, researchers need to check the current 2012 edition only.

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Updating a 1991 Bibliography Compiled by Rebecca Simmons Stillwagon - Supersedes Series # 3-48

State Documents Bibliography: Georgia