The Law of American Health Care, 2nd ed.

The Law of American Health Care, 2nd ed.



he Law of American Health Care is the casebook for the new generation of health lawyers. It is a student-friendly casebook emphasizing lightly, carefully edited primary source excerpts, plain-language expository text, as well as focused questions for comprehension and problems for application of the concepts taught. The book engages topics in depth so students emerge with an understanding of the most important features of American health care law and hands-on experience working through cutting edge issues.

Key Features:

  • Focused on the needs of students who want to practice health care law in a post-ACA world.
  • First health care law casebook to consider federal law as the baseline (as opposed to state law or common law).
  • Intro chapter provides a set of organizing principles, illustrated with in-depth case studies, which are revisited and woven throughout the remaining chapters.
  • “Pop-up” text boxes throughout with notes that highlight key lessons, or help to explain or enhance the material.
  • Directed Questions and hypothetical Problems are provided as well as Capstone Problems at the end of each chapter.
  • Approximately 800 pages, which is significantly more manageable than competitors.
  • Focused directly on topics regularly encountered in the day-to-day practice of health law



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The Law of American Health Care, 2nd ed.