Research Handbook on Representative Shareholder Litigation


Research Handbook on Representative Shareholder Litigation



Sean Griffith, Jessica Erickson, David H Webber, Verity Winship


Written by leading scholars and judges, the Research Handbook on Representative Shareholder Litigation is a modern-day survey of the state of this essential field. The book is an important and timely contribution by leading corporate law scholars, judges, and practitioners, seeking to better understand and explain the proliferation of shareholder litigation across the globe. It provides a cross-jurisdictional survey of litigation and empirical evidence on the recent evolution of these lawsuits, including in-depth analyses of several key forms of shareholder litigation.

Its chapters cover securities class actions, merger litigation, derivative suits, and appraisal litigation, as well as other forms of shareholder litigation. Through in-depth analysis of these different forms of litigation, the book explores the agency costs inherent in representative litigation, the challenges of multijurisdictional litigation and disclosure-only settlements, and the rise of institutional investors. It also surveys how related issues are addressed across the globe, with a special focus on parallel forms of litigation in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the European Union, Israel and China.

This Research Handbook will be an invaluable resource on this important topic for scholars of corporate law, practitioners, judges, and legislators.


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Edward Elger Publishing


Northampton, MA


representative shareholder litigation, merger litigation, appraisal litigation, litigation, securities class actions, derivative suits


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Research Handbook on Representative Shareholder Litigation